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Provide foundational and personalized leadership skills to all, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic status and gender.


To build a stronger tomorrow by empowering all students through leadership.



I have been an educator since 2000, and as a life long learner I decided to branch out and share the lessons I have learned along the way.  Some of which include collaboration, trying the flipped classroom approach, and facilitating a student leadership class all with the goal to enhance student development.



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Lorraine Connell finds and cultivates the leadership potential in some of the most traditionally overlooked students: the shy kids, the class clowns, and everyone in between.  She encourages her students to cast away their labels and empowers them to embrace their differences.  She creates positive change by leading through example.  It is truly inspiring.

Sara Pearl

Lorraine strives for positive change and for the betterment of our program and for our students, by encouraging student leaders to make frequent visits to the Alternative Program and integrating students from the main campus with the alternative students.  Through her actions, our students have made positive strides both academically and personally.

Christina Shaughnessy

Lorraine Connell is a teacher even outside of school, it is not just her job title or career choice, it truly is her lifestyle.

Lauren Z.

Lorraine is an excellent writer who offers powerful insight to the challenges in education today.  She weaves in historical components, debunking narratives and challenges racial ideology.  Plus being vulnerable to share her own reflections, she models the importance of authenticity to the relevance of what's happening today.  All in a short simple read.

Shanti Scott


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