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This leadership program is designed to build capacity within a team using SEL activities and strategies to promote teamwork and collaboration.  Developing and cultivating leadership skills in others supports the entire team and business productivity.  I have seen the value in developing individual and group leadership when we are all working on leadership skills, the entire community benefits.

Casual Business Meeting
Team Meeting
Giving a Presentation


Working with your team, we will go through several activities that show bias, but build empathy.  We will also do team building activities to promote SEL to encourage trust and understanding for all.  We will talk about strategies for building leadership in everything the team does.

Develop a team vision and mission

When teams are created, usually they are operating under a vision or mission that was not team developed.  During this service I will work with the team to build the comfort to work together and create one shared vision or mission.



Employers who what their team to take on more of a leadership role, but don't seem to have the time to work on developing those skills, can have me focus on the skills.  Employees who want to learn how to take more initiative, can work with me to find ways to enhance the skills they already possess.

This format can take on different forms. 

  • It can be a social event, where we do team building to learn the strengths of the team.

  • It can be more formal where we focus on a skill that needs more support.

  • It can be a one time training, or monthly training depending on what the company needs.

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