The POWER of Thanks

The little things matter, and saying “thanks” can seem insignificant and little to you, but the person on the receiving end does not.


Many of us, esp. leaders, are driven by our fears and insecurities. This is why we should have conversations about values with students.


We are in a time right now where respect and integrity are rare. In many relationships, we have seen a lot of trust broken.

Giving advice

There is a constant battle that we all face. How do we make the right choices? How do we help students make the right choices?


#peersnotfears I was recently listening to a podcast (Professional AF), where Diana Kander was discussing with Candy Smith the book Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. The topic of the show was vulnerability. I have always taught by way of exposing my own vulnerability to my students. This is especially important in the class with student leaders. Vulnerability is really the ability to make mistakes - how can this be applied to teaching, and our students? We need to encourage mistak

Who should be leaders?

#peersnotfears How can we create opportunities for all students to become leaders in our schools? When leadership is seen as a prize to be won, everyone loses. But in reality, that is how many students are developed into leaders. Who are the leaders in your school? Typically, it is the sports team captains and the presidents of the clubs. How are they chosen? Captains are usually chosen based on their skills at the game, or through seniority. Which of those characteri

Why should we give students a voice?

#peersnotfears Today's schools are facing a diverse number of challenges when addressing social and emotional wellness, and as teachers we are taking on far more roles in the classroom than we ever have before. This is probably not news to anyone reading this blog. Most schools don't have enough money for resources to support students in the social-emotional realm, and often we're not even sure what resources we actually need to support all of these challenges. We, however