It is really a misnomer that consent resides only in the bedroom. It actually happens very early in our lives.

Guilty, too

As parents, we post things on social media about our kids at such a young age that they are not able to give consent...

History Lessons

Power, like most everything, is believed to be finite. There are so many limitations when we operate from a scarcity mindset.

Sense of Belonging

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Soledad O'Brien speak at a conference. In her keynote, she talked about a sense of belonging,...

Wearing Masks

If we are wearing a mask as a teacher, we don’t give our students permission to take off their own masks.

Leaving a Legacy

At first, when none of them returned my gesture, I remember feeling really vulnerable - wondering if I should continue.

The Destination

In my perfect world, each student gets to choose their destination, my class is support put in place to get them to their destination.


We as a society operate from a feeling of scarcity, when in reality there is nothing but abundance. We just have to recognize that abundance