Effective Consulting

When I work with my clients I truly listen to the needs of the community.  What they need is always at the forefront of my design strategy!  
I see myself as a facilitator and a guide as we all have our own journey to take along the leadership path.  I love a challenge to find new ways to work with different groups of students, educators and well - humans in general!

Teacher and Pupil


March 2021

Paraeducators are often working with a student population that comes with labels, even our paras feel like they are labeled by other members of their community.  These labels prevent the community from feeling like they are on the same page, and working toward the same goals. 
Our goal was to talk about labels in a safe place, to challenge our own labels, which can be good and bad, to build empathy and understanding of how labels impact everyone involved.

Hands Together


June 2021

Today's schools are facing a diverse number of challenges when addressing social and emotional wellness, and adults are taking on far more roles in the schools and the classroom than before. The need for resources to support students in the social-emotional realm to support all of these challenges. Within each and every one of our schools, there is a resource that we are not capitalizing on - our students.
Our goal is to work together with teachers and students on leadership and collaboration skills. The way for a school’s culture to grow is to empower students as leaders when all the stakeholders are involved.



May - July 2021

New American children often take on leadership roles within their families, but the education of how to embrace and learn those roles are not always supported.  AMICO Youth Program has identified that the females in the communities could benefit from this type of education and support I worked with the AMICO Youth coordinators to develop a program that empowers these young adults to see the potential of their leadership. 
Our goal was to work with female students between the ages of 13-21 to engage in activities that empower them and provide them with some foundational skills to develop into strong leaders.

Virtual Conference


March 2021 - May 2021

It is helpful, as an educator who might become distracted by making sure all students are proficient or managing negative behaviors in a classroom, to sit with other educators, and examine the way that we treat others, and ourselves.
This examination, if it happens in a safe space, such as the one provided by this class, challenges us to take perspective and allows us to recognize the assumptions, biases and baggage that we all carry with us into the classroom.
It is through that recognition that we become able to make small positive changes in our classrooms and lives after every session. I found this to be true for myself, and was lucky to work with other educators in the class who shared the same story.
I found the preparation for the class to be engaging and easy to manage, and the assignments between classes relevant to the work I was already doing with students.
Because of the broad nature of the topics, and the opportunity for choice in the assignments, any person in any position of leadership in any profession could find value in this course.
-Jennifer Matzke
HS Educator