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Develop into the LEADER
you are meant to be!

I've watched over 2,000 students graduate from high school not believing they are leaders.

The myths that we are taught in school became the mantra. 

Let's break the myth 'leaders are born,' and develop our leadership skills together!

Group of Friends

Your Leadership Journey
Starts Now!

A Free Webinar on How to Unleash The Leader Inside you!.

Are you a leader?

Whether you answered yes or no - you are not alone!

Do you think Leaders are born?

Do you think Leaders are perfect?

Do you think Leaders have a title?

These are the myths that we believe about leadership.

Making it hard for us to develop leadership skills!

Hands Together

With limited opportunities and schools looking for the 'perfect leader or perfect role model,' it is easy to think leadership is out of reach.

You want to be a leader, but you know you are not perfect, you want to apply for a leadership opportunity but you know it is a popularity contest or favoritism. You don't bother or you are afraid of getting burned.

It shouldn't be that hard, and it isn't! Join the next cohort and find out how!

Be yourself AND lead!

Advocate for yourself

Define friendship - knowing who is and isn’t a friend

Know what is and isn’t in your control to change

See others differently

Find opportunities to use your voice and leadership

Develop leadership skills 

Build confidence

Build relationships with others

Not sure which option is right for you or your teen? Let's all meet to talk it through. I want to develop you and your teen into the leader they were meant to be!

Hi, I am Lorraine!

I have been an educator for 20 years EMPOWERING student voice and leadership since day 1. I left the classroom because I BELIEVE with all my heart that each and every student deserves to develop leadership skills.

My mission is to create opportunities and break the myths around leadership to help anyone see themselves as a leader and take the privilege of leadership out of the hands of the few and into the hands of all of us!


This is a program I wish I had access to when I was a high school teenager to develop my confidence and voice. 

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