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Develop Leadership Skills

When I decided to leave the classroom it was because I saw a gap in leadership skills in my high school students. Skills I wanted them to have as they entered their lives, skills I wished I had before leaving home for the first time, before my first professional job, and DEFINITELY before becoming a parent.

These programs are designed for anyone over 13 years old who wants to improve their communication & leadership skills. While this program is intended for participants to learn many leadership skills you need to decide which one is best for you. Each program is designed to build on the topics leaders face!

Developing leadership skills is a long game you can sign up now and learn through any of the self-paced programs. Leadership is a skill that can be developed and is not a natural ability so continuing to learn and develop is the goal.

All too often, high schools believe they are already “doing” student leadership, but they are not building programs for all students. Our programming works to support all students in developing leadership skills, regardless of their natural leadership skills or belief that they are leaders.


The program consists of videos, podcasts, reflections & goal-oriented activities that will improve anyone's ability to grow individually into a better version of themselves.

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