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Peers Not Fears is revolutionizing the perception of leadership within schools. Our offerings are designed for students, educators, and administrators alike, aiming to foster skills that bolster the growth of student leaders both during and beyond their high school years. 

Struggles with student management and engagement often stem from a lack of student empowerment. Building a stronger community requires understanding and fostering connections, which means listening to the students.

Peers Not Fears aims to reduce fear in schools by promoting peer-to-peer relationships, enhancing engagement, and empowering students to work together to address challenges.


Our services focus on empowering students, whether we're working with staff or students directly. We offer both monthly and multi-day options, tailoring our approach to each group's unique needs.

Even without school-led leadership programs, teens can develop their skills individually through our online, self-paced academy or join our monthly tailored group option. Set yourself up for success!

Explore our achievements, partnerships, and the leaders we're nurturing by taking a look here.


Why now?

The exhaustion and defeat from the lack of engagement of students in our school system is real. Your struggle and frustration as a school administrator is warranted. 
You already know that there are hundreds of initiatives out there suggesting ways schools can improve their school culture. And yet you know that none of them are sustainable. 
Each one expects the administrator to do the work
Each one expects the teachers to do the work
and when they leave so does the progress

I've been there too, I spent 20 years teaching, trying new initiatives hoping for change, but getting burned. I know what it is like to feel like there is just one more initiative to try.  Each initiative was something new I had to learn and implement, a variation on a theme and not really 'new.'

But I also saw the power of student voice and leadership, for ALL our students. Students saw value in doing hard things (like chemistry) and learning from their mistakes in my classrooms and student-run organizations. That's why I developed my Student Leadership Program.


Imagine what it would be like if your students were engaged, and your teachers were able to take things off their plates rather than adding to them. Imagine if the program was sustainable.

You will have solutions to your school culture problems, your students will devise these solutions, and your students will WANT to change BECAUSE they will care, see the value, 

and be invested. You can create the school culture you always dreamed of by empowering students to be part of the solution. I have created a student leadership program, and I have made it my life's mission to help every student develop leadership skills!

Leadership Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding leadership and the development of the skills around leadership can be difficult when we think leadership is a natural ability, or we need a title to be a leader. Find some of the commonly asked questions about why leadership development is important, and why our teenagers should be developing leadership skills.

How do you develop student leadership?

Student leadership is happening all the time. One of the myths about student leadership is that it has to be a title or a position. We need to work on seeing student leadership in all the places it shows up. Teamwork, lab partners, and study partners for example.

Peers not Fears takes the idea that it is happening everywhere and elevates it further. In every high school, we struggle with study hall. Giving students a break from academic rigor, and finding time to catch up on some work. Not every student needs this time the same way, and often it is when students are bored and become disruptive.  

We use this time to build skills for students who want to engage with their peers in a problem-solving systematic approach to leadership.

What is leadership development?

Leadership development is something that we do all the time - it's just a matter of facing challenges head-on. For high school students in particular, exposure to challenging events and situations will help them develop leadership skills.

Our peer-led programs give adolescents the opportunity to learn about and develop their leadership skills by working together in challenging yet fun activities. We pose a challenge for students, rewarding them when they solve it together and then helping them process how they used their leadership abilities to achieve this goal.

Rephrase Leadership skills are effective when used in conjunction with an engaging activity. Communication, goal setting, and working together are all important aspects of leadership development; as we work together to achieve a common goal, our leadership abilities develop.

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