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Peers not Fears offers several different options for leadership development for high school students. It is important to know that leadership is a skill we develop, and just like any skill there are different levels of entry. We like to think of leadership as a natural ability, but we all need to continue to develop our leadership skills. Services to develop leadership include individual services and group services. 

The full descriptions are included below. 


Your child specific


Students, teachers, administrators and parents build leadership through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).


Explore our role in a changing society through SEL.  Also available in the shop for individual work.


Your child and five
of their  friends


One - two hours
Full Day


After School
During school

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This student leadership program is designed to build capacity within a school using SEL activities and strategies to promote student leadership and voice.  Many private schools are giving students leadership skills through coursework and training.  It is important to realize that leadership, the way it is currently being offered to students is a privilege.  I worry that we are missing a large population of students who have the capability and capacity to build their own leadership, as well as cultivate leadership skills in others.  I have served as a student leadership director for three years at a public high school that happens to be fortunate enough to offer a two-credit program for both juniors and seniors.  Having been through this unique experience, I am ready to share the SEL skills I have learned.  I have seen the value in developing more than just student voice, but student leadership.  This is not the leadership we are most familiar with, such as student council and team captains, but instead the students we don’t always think of as leaders.  I see them, and I know we need to see them and develop their skills because when we are all working on leadership skills, the entire community benefits.


Small group discussions

Designed to help more than just teachers improve collaboration skills through discussions on trust, vulnerability, courage, and navigating difficult conversations and relationships.  We work in groups of 15 to discuss the challenges we face in our schools.  Work with fellow educators to problem-solve some of the experiences faced in and out of the classroom.


team building PL.JPG

Collaborative Approach

Today's schools are facing a diverse number of challenges when addressing social and emotional wellness, and teachers and administrators are taking on far more roles in the schools and the classroom than we ever have before.  In addition, most schools don't have enough money or resources to support students in the social-emotional realm, and often we're not even sure what resources we actually need to support all of these challenges.  We, however, have an incredible resource within each and every one of our schools, a resource that we are not capitalizing on - our very own students.This program works with students, teachers, administrators, and guardians to enact change using SEL activities and strategies.  The students are the leaders in this, and they get to pitch ideas in the presence of those who understand the hurdles.  Once the plan is in place the students are empowered to make the changes.


One-On-One Tutoring

Family Option

Do you see leadership skills in your son/daughter, do you want them to find ways to use her/his voice? Would you like me to work with your child to help them find their leadership strengths? Then please reach out!  This may be the most fun service I offer, but I am eager to work with any age to build their leadership skills.  We will work on authentic applications of these skills at home, in school, and with friends.  I would suggest we start with 2-3 1 hour sessions and build from there.

Two Hour Professional Development

Fun Presentation

Why Give Students a Voice

When we think of student voice and leadership there are often questions about how and why.  In this 1-2 hour PD training faculty, administration and staff can visualize with me how we might implement leadership through SEL into their school.

Full Day Professional Development

Team Building Session

A Broad Approach

Working with your teachers, we will go through several activities that show bias but build empathy.  We will also do team-building activities to promote SEL to encourage trust and understanding for all.  We will talk about strategies for building leadership activities into every class, not just a leadership class.


Outdoor Astronomy Class


Working with students that have volunteered and been selected (approximately 30), along with a teacher willing to work as the leadership facilitator after I leave, I will meet with the group for a minimum of 3 hours a week, however, it fits into the schedule.  We will learn some team-building skills, develop a mission that the group wants to work on, and find ways to connect more to the community.  I will work on ways for the student leaders to implement their skills into the greater school population.


Young Volunteers


Like the 12-week program, I suggest 30 students, volunteered and selected, and two teachers willing to work with the program.  I will collaborate with the teachers, the administration, and other members of the school to build community.  We will focus on team-building activities, and address specific areas of need.  I will meet with the students and teachers for a minimum of 3 hours a week, however it fits into the schedule.  Students will work on reflection, collaboration, presentation, empathy, gratitude, and SEL.

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