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Peers not Fears offers several different options for leadership development for students. It is important to know that leadership is a skill we develop, and just like any skill there are different levels of entry. We like to think of leadership as a natural ability, but we all need to continue to develop our leadership skills. Services to develop leadership include individual services and group services. 



Outdoor Astronomy Class

Short term team building approach

Working with students who have volunteered or have been selected for three -five months.  We will develop team-building, individual, and group skills to find ways to connect more with the community. The focus on skills will be based on school goals.


Young Volunteers

Long Term Sustainable approach

In this program, we work with students in their study hall or free block.  We choose the study hall approach so that it solves a problem most schools struggle with - in terms of what to do with students during that time, and the selection of students. Study halls have an assortment of students - ideal for this program. This is cohort 1. After a term with cohort 1 working on team-building, communication, and self-confidence skills, we will start to plan the next steps. In collaboration with the teachers, the administration, and other members of the school cohort 1 takes the skills they have learned into their advisory or homeroom to build a more connected community. Students will work on reflection, collaboration, presentation, empathy, gratitude, and SEL.


Professional Development

Small group discussions

Designed to help more than just teachers improve collaboration skills through discussions on trust, vulnerability, courage, and navigating difficult conversations and relationships.  We work in groups of 15 to discuss the challenges we face in our schools.  Work with fellow educators to problem-solve some of the experiences faced in and out of the classroom.

Two-Hour Professional Development

Fun Presentation

Why Give Students a Voice

When we think of student voice and leadership there are often questions about how and why.  In this 1-2 hour PD training faculty, administration, and staff can visualize with me how we might implement leadership through SEL in their school.

Full Day Professional Development

Team Building Session

A Broad Approach

Working with your teachers, we will go through several activities that show bias but build empathy.  We will also do team-building activities to promote SEL to encourage trust and understanding for all.  We will talk about strategies for building leadership activities in every class, not just a leadership class.

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